My Story

My Story
Some may ask what made me come up with this idea for a recruiting business? Well in June of last year I made the tough decision to move my family from North Carolina back to Kansas. I knew when I made that decision changes would happen as far as my career went. So I put my resume online looking for a job in Kansas City. It did not take long before I was contacted by a recruiter from Gecko Hospitality and soon after one from Horizon Hospitality. The Gecko recruiter took my resume and changed it to make it look better for the employer. At the time I found this practice strange. My thought was recruiters worked for the employer not me. We had a 20 minute phone call where I was told what the hiring manager would ask and prepped for the interview. Safe to say I got the job. I was hired at an egg and bacon full service restaurant with no prior experience in casual or breakfast dining. I made Freddy's burgers for a living. This was a huge change and culture shock for me. As it went on I started to realize I was not a fit with the culture. Not saying it was a terrible job I just felt as if I did not fit in. I was outgoing and the other managers were not. I was high on emplyee development and the other managers were not. I found my self thinking what am I doing here? The crazy part is I was contacted every single time a job was open by the same recruiter. I was thinking that was not right. I ended up quiting to start a recruiting firm. I want to uncover how corrupt this field has become and why recruiting firms have been here for years yet the turnover rate continues to increase. That is when I decided to do something about it and expose what has been going on. Our goal is to interview and find the right match for our candidates and employers. We will not put  burger expert in a breakfast place. That makes no sense at all.
From the beginning we set out to change the way that recruiting is done in the hospitality industry. We believe that the right employee in the right position can make a world of difference for both the employer and the employee.  

The right leader can lead to increases profits, a lower bottom line, decreased turnover among staff, and just an overall better working environment. 

From the employee standpoint, being in the right company just feels right. When the company's values line up with yours, we're much more likely to be happy in that job. We feel appreciated and connected our work. And who doesn't want that. 

In an industry of firms with a huge lack of interest in the overall growth of your business. We strive to ensure we place the best leaders who are aligned with your culture in key positions to help your business grow.
This is where our screening process comes in. We take the time to get to know our client's businesses. We find out what their culture is like. What type of leadership are they looking for? What are their values? What goals have they set for the next twelve months, 3 years, 5 years? Then we ask do those values and goals line up with our candidate's goals and values?

We beleive that the match between the employee and employer is the beginning of an important relationship that can lead to either the success or failure for both parties involved. We want that match to lead to a profitable relationship. Our system will help that happen.